Felton: Volunteer Firemen 1967

1967 Felton Volunteer Fireman

1967 Felton Volunteer Fireman

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5 Responses to Felton: Volunteer Firemen 1967

  1. Martha Kaufeldt says:

    Thanks for posting this picture of the Felton Fire Dept. Raising money to buy the new “rescue wagon” was a big deal. It was the first time the fire fighters had to get trained in using resuscitation equipment and advanced first aid. I think my Dad, Bob Miller, may be the only one still around.


  2. vickiwees says:

    Thanks for your comments Martha. Is your dad in this photo? Which one is he?


    • vickiwees says:

      Oh, I see Bob now. How did I miss him? He’s standing next to Douglas Kiss, correct? I work with Douglas Kiss’s son’s wife, Michelle Kiss, at American Dream Realty in Felton. Also, I now own the property that Bill Wright (in photo) owned when this photo was taken. Small world, isn’t it?


  3. Susane Landon (Wright) says:

    My dad is Bud Wright. Second from left. Our family and the Biwens were great friends up until the death of first my dad and mom. Then Bob Bowen and Snooky. Biwens came to our home many times in Grass Valley, then Nevada when we moved there. We all were very involved with Felon Fire. When the whistle blew Snooky would start calling all of the firemen. What great families we all had.


    • vickiwees says:

      I recall the days the siren would go off and if you happened to be shopping at Roy’s Market, half the staff ran out the door and headed to the firehouse. Thanks!


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