Vintage Photo: 1908 Old County Road Felton

1908 photo of what’s now Highway 9. Can anyone help me date this photo? Courtesy of MAH (Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz.)

County Road near Felton. Courtesy of MAH.

County Road near Felton. Courtesy of MAH.

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7 Responses to Vintage Photo: 1908 Old County Road Felton

  1. Ronnie Trubek says:

    Vicki, This image is # 53 with an underline. This numbering system consistent with a photographer named Medah who was in the area in 1908-1910. I have another image (#25) taken in Boulder Creek and the 5’s look very similar. Checking other Medah images I have, the “h” in Road, “t” in Felton and the “Cal.” also look the same. The strange thing is that Medah usually signs his photos “Medah Foto”, so this one is unsigned. He is one of my favorite photographers of the era. Great photo!


  2. vickiwees says:

    Wow, thanks SO much Ronnie! You have such an amazing collection of the SLV area and it’s wonderful that you can put your finger on so much really important and detailed historical info. I appreciate your help. So in your opinion it’s safe to say circa 1908-1910?


  3. Derek Whaley says:

    I wonder where specifically on Highway 9 this is? If it is 1908-1910 period, it should have tracks nearby, assuming it is depicting south Felton. If it is north or east Felton, I’m equally interested.


  4. Andrea Woolfolk says:

    I have two other photos of Felton, numbered 55 and 56, and they are dated May 9, 1908. This looks like the same handwriting, so I’m guessing they are part of the same series. I’d be happy to send them to you.


    • vickiwees says:

      Oh my gosh YES! Andrea, I would be thrilled to have the 2 photos. Where did you get them? Are they part of your families history? I’m very excited to see them. Are you able to email them to me? May I use your name when giving credit? Thanks again Andrea.


    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Andrea, Several of us history nuts are excited to see #55 and #56 photos you have. Will you be able to send them to me soon? We’re frothing at the bit 🙂 email: or you can call me anytime: 831-359-0200. Thanks!


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