Felton Fire Squad: 1977

Can anyone give me a list of names of these folks? The last one on the right squatting might be Bill Wright.

Felton Fire Squad, 1977. Possibly Bill Wright far right, squatting.

Felton Fire Squad, 1977. Possibly Bill Wright far right, squatting.

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6 Responses to Felton Fire Squad: 1977

  1. Tim Cordero says:

    The tall man,11th from the left with his hands behind his back is my Grandfather Bob Brown. He was the assistant Chief for several years and owned the hardware store across the street. I have the same photo in my office.


  2. Carol Ernst says:

    My Dad, Bob Brown~is the 11th man from the left (tall, hands behind his back). I will share with my sister~she probably knows most of them.


  3. James Gray says:

    Are you still looking for names of people in this picture?


  4. Grant Cunningham says:

    The man in the gold colored shirt, 8th man counting from right to left is Bob Gray who was I believe the VP of the Felton branch of County Bank who’s son Mike was a SC Deputy Sheriff who was shot and killed on duty near George’s Log Cabin (Juvenile Hall Baseball field on Graham Hill Road named after Mike). The young man counting 6 from Left to Right is Steve Sanders who later became Fire Chief in Ben Lomond.


    • Jim Gray says:

      You’re right, the man in the gold colored shirt is Bob Gray, my father. At the time of this photo, I believe he was one of the fire commissioners. Before going to work for the County Bank, he was part owner of Gray and Sinnott Building Materials and Supplies (along with Red Sinnott). It was located on Hwy 9 just across from the old community hall. Mike was, indeed, his son (my brother), and now Mike’s son, Bob Gray, is the fire chief of Felton Fire.


      • vickiwees says:

        Hi Jim! It’s great to have this info and I appreciate you sharing it. Please feel free to send any interesting little tidbits of your memories here. Your roots are so deep here. You may know I’ve been ill and I apologize for the delay in posting and responding. Great to hear from you! Thanks! Vicki Wees


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