Interesting Tidbits: Pagnini’s Woody

This 1947 photo of Highway 9 in Felton that was donated by Rich and Michelle Kiss shows an old Woody station wagon off to the left. Bob Miller, who has donated other wonderful local history info, told me that the Woody belonged to Roy Pagnini and that his son Nick, used it whenever he went surfing. Who knew Nick surfed?! Thanks, Bob!

See Roy Pagninis' Woody from 1947 far left.

See Roy Pagnini’s Woody far left in this 1947 photo.

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12 Responses to Interesting Tidbits: Pagnini’s Woody

  1. I LOVED the Pagnini family. Nick went to school with my mom and his younger brother Tom went to school with my husband.


  2. Does anyone remember the market originally being on the opposite side of the hwy, the same side as the woody? You can actually see the sign in this photo. I remember the wooden floors


  3. vickiwees says:

    You’re right, Shirley, Roy’s market was originally across the street and had wooden floors.Do you have any old photos from that general era you’d like to share?


    • Shirley says:

      Unfortunately not, only in my memory. I was very young then and my mom and I would walk to town and always go in the market. Nick used to call me little Dorothy. I was probably between 4-5 yrs old. But I remember the wooden floors very well 🙂
      The other memory I have is Ken’s, the restaurant located near where the Valley Press and Cleaners was. We lived in a cabin across the street hidden behind a bank. It was torn down a few years back and replaced by the new owners. The OLD house still stands that shared the property.


    • Shirley says:

      Unfortunately not Vicki, I was so young then. My mom and I would walk to town and go to the grocery store. They were always so kind and in those yrs, you could run a tab. I remember the wooden floors so well. Nick would always call me “little Dorothy” Another memory of mine is Ken’s ( a restaurant ) located across the street from where we lived about where the Saint John’s catholic church is located. Good memories Maybe someone will have more stories and pictures. Sure would be nice 🙂


      • vickiwees says:

        Shirley, thanks for sharing your memories. Even the little tidbits often spark memories in others, or even more of your own. I’m interested in any tidbits you’d like to share 🙂 What was Ken’s restaurant like?


  4. vickiwees says:

    I’d love more stories and photos of the Pagnini family. They’ve been such a big part of our local history.


  5. The Allen family also had a woody station wagon. Could that be theirs?

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  6. Kerry Jeanotte says:

    Shirley Ann Jeanotte Cunningham is my niece my folk ‘s raised her , my 5 sister’s &I grew up in Felton ,in the late 30s 40s & 50’s nick was a good friend of our’s we all went to the old 2 room school house.mrs Thompson was the principal .we lived across the street from the what is the library .cooper st. I was in the class of 57 at S. L. V .

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