Forest Lakes: Old Sign

Can anyone help me date this old sign? I assume it was at the entrance to Forest Lakes in south Felton. Courtesy of the Howard Rugg Collection.

Forest Lakes Lots For sale sign. Date unknown. Courtesy of Howard Rugg Collection.

Forest Lakes Lots For Sale sign. Date unknown. Courtesy of Howard Rugg Collection.

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6 Responses to Forest Lakes: Old Sign

  1. Howard Rugg says:

    It was located at the corner of Hi 9 and Lakeview drive. There is a house on the corner right side. This house was owned by my landlord. He used to buy candy from one of the occupants of this house when he was a kid. The remnants of the sign were being used as a baffle in the garage. When the house was sold, the sign was reclaimed. Its on display in Forest Lakes.


    • Catherine Circosta says:

      I remember that candy/little cafe there, 1966 or do. We used to ride our bikes down from the (little lake) damn up in forest lakes and get a frozen Milky Way bar and a root beer float from the elderly lady that owned it back then. Great memories!


      • vickiwees says:

        A Milky Way and a Root Beer float. Fabulous! Folks don’t know what they’re missing theses days. Thanks for your delightful memories! Much appreciated. I was told that back in the 1940’/50’s in the summer, the kids brought an old juke box up to the “lake”, set it up on a huge old stump, hung colored lights and danced and partied til the wee hours. The lady who told me these stories was a relative of Roy’s of Roy’s Market fame. Her name escapes me. Rosie? Thanks for the memories!


  2. vickiwees says:

    Howard, thanks so much for the info! I love the cool little tidbits you always add. I appreciate your support 🙂


  3. Charles Reading says:

    It is my understanding that the sign made it’s first appearance when the lots were offered for sale around 1924. It’s displayed at the pool now.


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