Downtown Felton: Felton Bowl Ad

This ad brings back many happy memories. Photo courtesy of Jo Chaney. Thanks Jo!

Felton Bowl Ad. Courtesy of Jo Chaney.

Felton Bowl Ad. Courtesy of Jo Chaney. Circa 1980’s?

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4 Responses to Downtown Felton: Felton Bowl Ad

  1. Jan Kingham Anthony says:

    My Father Bob Kingham owned and operated the Felton Bowl for many years during the 50’s and 60’s..
    I remember the tennis courts next to the community hall.
    A Shell gas station was built where Verutti’s liqour store is now. (Owned bt Bill Sutcliff)
    Where Rite Aid is now was a vacant lot with large trees on it. Probably the same trees that are there now.
    County Bank was across the street from the Fire Dept. ( now a pizza parlor ??)

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    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Jan, I’ve never known the Felton Bowl history that far back. Always meant to learn more. Thanks so much for your comment! My kids and I enjoyed it in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s wonderful to get comments like yours from folks who “lived” the history. Also, the areas close by that you described so well. Would you happen to have any old photos of you or your family at the bowl you’d share with our readers? If you search on my blog the categories “Felton Businesses” and “Highway 9” I think you’ll see some of what you described, the Shell station and County Bank at least. I have a few wonderful aerial maps that I’ve had enlarged that show the area and where the tennis court was but they don’t translate well onto the blog. If you’d like any of the photos you see on my blog, I’d be happy to email the images to you. Thanks again, Jan!


  2. Jan Kingham Anthony says:

    Smileys Bar on the corner, AL and Ada ‘s, Doug and Jeannies, Century 21, now, ??
    Restaurants next to the bar, now Don Walker Hardware store..
    Lyle Allen Bakery with a Real Estate office in between Bakery and restaurant.
    Costello Dinner house
    Roys Market
    Florence Featherstone Water Co. Ice Cream Parlor, Chinese Food
    Dickenson Market, Purple Edge Florist,
    Christian Science Reading Room
    Smiths Shoes
    Gransbury Jewelers
    County Bank
    ( left out a few that I couldn’t remrmber)


  3. Jan Kingham Anthony says:

    Next door to Roys Mkt. Was the Felton Post Office, including a small space that was a seamstress ‘shop.. later Captain Clipper Barber shop.


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