Felton Businesses: Costella’s Chalet

You can see Costella’s Chalet in the header of this blog. Far left, 1947. Does anyone out there remember Bob Judd and his music?

Costella's Chalet ad. Undated. Courtesy of Jo Chaney.

Costella’s Chalet ad. Circa 1960’s. Courtesy of Jo Chaney.

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12 Responses to Felton Businesses: Costella’s Chalet

  1. Cathy says:

    I found a full page newspaper clipping from Santa Cruz Sentinel, 25 June 1953, Page 5 that has a picture of the Grand Opening of the Copper Room on Newspapers.com.


  2. vickiwees says:

    Hi Cathy, Do you by any chance have the ability to scan and email it to me? It would be awesome to have. If not, just having the date is helpful. In June 1953 my mom was pregnant with me 🙂 Thanks! Vicki


  3. Michele Judd Hamilton says:

    Yes, I remember Bob Judd, he was my uncle and our family spent many evenings at Costella’s


  4. Michele Judd Hamilton says:

    Yes, I remember Bob Judd, he was my uncle and our family spent many evenings at Costello’s and Uncle Bobby’s music was beautiful.


    • Tom Judd says:

      This is your cousin, Tom Judd (of Uncle Duke and Aunt Grace) replying to you.

      I’ve been in touch with Joe DiBenedetto from the band. A year ago, he graciously shared a copy of some live tracks from Costella’s. I hope to get copies of the CDs I created from the seven albums I obtained from my mom and Aunt Shirley and put them on the Internet for other family members to have.

      Of course we lost track of most of the Judd family as they moved out of Michigan years ago. I have been visiting annually with Aunt Shirley and her daughter, Barb, who reside in Traverse City. Although she’s not too conversant about the brothers who moved away and about the city of Felton, She does provide the last contact of that generation about things pertaining to Bob Judd and others in the family. Should you care to communicate, either with me or my sister, Mary Jane, let me know. My email address is tdjudd@comcast.net.

      Tom Judd


      • Tom Judd says:

        My apologies for my last post. It was Don Rutter, not Joe DiBenedetto who provided the live music tracks and corresponded with me back in 2015. I might add it was a great conversation I had with don – we talked on the phone for almost an hour. sorry about that, Don!


      • Charlotte (Williams) Albers says:

        Tom, Michele, Don & Joe;
        Bob Judd was my grandpa. My mom was his daughter, Mirian Kay Judd. She had one brother named Gary Judd, who died a few years ago.My name is Charlotte (Williams) Albers. This is from Bob’s first marriage to IKathryn Elinor (Cook) Judd. My mom is pretty sure they lived in Toledo, OH; while they were married. I can not believe I have found this information! Many years ago I tried to find information on The Bob Judd Quartet and didn’t get very far. I could not find any information, so I am so excited about this! I just hope I’m not too late. Grandpa Judd died when I was either four or five. My mom, Mirian; but she goes by Kay met my dad John Williams Jr in Elkhart, IN. They were married and my dad was in the military, so we ended up in Nebraska. My mom’s name is Mirian Kay (Judd) Williams. I have one brother, also named John Williams. My uncle Gary has five children, I believe. One lives in CA and the others live in Idaho, or at least they did. Please contact me at any time, I will leave my home phone #, if you call please leave me a message, as we get a ton of telemarketing calls. PLEASE feel free to call me, my phone # is (402) 235-3544.


  5. Tom says:

    I have two records by Bob Judd, both ‘live’ at Costella’s Chalet. Pleasant accordion instrumentals and medlies for easy dancing. One is called ‘Double Martini Time.’


  6. Lisa Brighton says:

    Yes my grandmother, Mable Thomas peddled her bicycle to Costella’s Chalet and applied as a waitress. She worked their for 27 years. Yes… We (my brother, Chris; sister, Debra and myself, Lisa) we have very fond memories of Costella’s. I just ran across some old menus not to long ago (that my grandmother) saved.


  7. Lance Prottas says:

    I remember Costellas chalet and Bob Judd quite well. My dad played drums with him back in around 1973 or 74. It was the Bob Judd Quartett.


  8. james Costella says:

    I would love to get that on cd or mp3 i remeber hearing my dad and uncle on them


    • vickiwees says:

      Hi James, I tried to contact you via your email but it didn’t go through. If you’ll read some of the comments on that post, you’ll find people who have some of the bands music. Or you can email me directly at vnwees@yahoo.com. Vicki


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