Felton History: 1960’s Bob Judd Quartet at Costella’s

Joseph Di Benedetto, who played drums in the band has kindly sent a photo of the band that was in this Costella’s ad circa 1960’s. Scroll down to see photo. Thanks Joseph!

Costella’s Ad:

Costella's Chalet ad. 1960's. Courtesy of Jo Chaney.

Costella’s Chalet ad. 1960’s. Courtesy of Jo Chaney.

Photo of Bob Judd Band:

Bob Judd Band at Costella's. L to R: Don Rutter played Cord-a-vox, Ernie High on string bass, Joseph Di Benedetto, drums and Bob Judd far right. 1960's. Courtesy Joseph Di Benedetto.

Bob Judd Band at Costella’s. L to R: Don Rutter played Cord-a-vox, Ernie High on string bass, Joseph Di Benedetto, drums and Bob Judd far right. 1960’s. Courtesy Joseph Di Benedetto.

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18 Responses to Felton History: 1960’s Bob Judd Quartet at Costella’s

  1. Jan Kingham Anthony says:

    I remember in the early 1950’s, my sister and i would stand on our Fathers shoes while he would dance with us to Bob Judds band. We were around 9 or 10 years old

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    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Jan, Wow! Thanks for sharing your happy memories. I’m sure Joseph Di Benedetto, who was the drummer in The Bob Judd Quartet and the person sharing photos and info, will be thrilled to read of your recollections. I know I sure would be! What lucky girls to have such a sweet Father and for leaving you with those wonderful memories. You comment is greatly appreciated. Any other old Felton recollections also gratefully accepted 🙂 p.s. I’m hoping to eventually have a clip of some of the music they played on my blog at some point in the not too distant future. Stay tuned…


  2. Perry DiBenedetto says:

    I have a fond childhood memory of going to Costella’s chalet with my mom and sisters and drinking Shirley Temples while listening dad play music with the Bob Judd quartet. I thought he was a super star then and I still think he is a super star of a dad now !


    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Perry, Thanks for sharing your memories of you and your family at Costella’s. How cool that your dad (Bob Judd quartet drummer Joseph DiBenedetto) played there and you got to be with all the grownups while sipping on your Shirley Temples! You are lucky to have such an awesome dad. Thanks so much for connecting me with him. I can’t wait to get some of his music on the blog! I don’t suppose you have a photo of you/your family there sipping your drinks?


  3. Don Rutter says:

    Hi Vicki,
    My name is Don Rutter, I live in Las Vegas. I was the accordian player with the Bob Judd group at Costella’s Chalet for 20 years. Costella’s was a lot of fun to preform at and I always enjoyed seeing and meeting all the great customers. Bob & Ernie have long since past away, but Joe and I are still hanging in there.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures & stories on your blog from that exciting time in my life,

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    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Don!!! Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for getting it touch. I’d hoped to reach out to you but you beat me to it. What fun and interesting experiences you must have had those 20 years! There’s nothing like music to shed the stress of the day. The people who came to hear you play were lucky indeed! Please stay in touch and feel free to share any little tidbits or photos. I’m so glad we’re in touch now! Vicki


    • vickiwees says:

      Don Rutter, can you help me understand the difference between the Cord-a-vox and an accordian? Thanks! Vicki


  4. vickiwees says:

    Ahhh…thanks Don!


  5. Tom Judd says:

    Perry DiBenedetto/Don Rutter: my name is Tom Judd and Bob was my uncle, the brother of my dad, Dwight “Duke” Judd of Cheboygan, MI. One of my other uncles, Ed “Cecil” Judd, had his own band as well back in the 30’s. I have no information about whether or not the two played together. Uncle Bob usually gave my mom and dad a copy of his latest recordings whenever he would come back to Michigan to visit family. I currently have six of the albums as follows:

    The Bob Judd Quartet label
    – An Evening To Remember at Costella’s Chalet
    – Dedicated To You
    – Spanish Eyes
    – Double Martini Time
    – A no-name album recorded at Centurry Custom Records (silver color label)
    The Bob Judd Group label
    – By Request: Bicentennial Songs of 1976

    Do either of you know if there are any other albums recorded? I have transferred the six albums I have to CDs in MP3 format and would love to record others that may exist. The last one listed above, the “Group” album, I had never seen before last year when I was visiting one of the last surviving spouses of the Judd brothers (there were a total of nine). Shirley Judd, who married the youngest of the Judd brothers, lives in Traverse City, MI. She let me take that album home last year to transfer to CD.

    Bob’s children, whose names I can no longer recall for sure (Wally and Sue?), may still live in the area. His wife, Pia, died sometime after Uncle Bob, and, as with Cecil’s family, were never close to the rest of the family once they both left for California.

    I would love to get additional information or pictures of the band if you have anything to share. Please post any updated info or send an email to me at tdjudd@comcast.net.

    Tom Judd


    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Tom Judd, Thanks for your comment! Can any readers help out with info for Tom?


      • John W. Williams Jr. says:

        I am John Williams and I am married to Bob Judd’s only daughter; Mirian Kay (Judd) Williams. Bob Judd’s son; Gary Judd died a few years ago. Mirian Kay and I spent an evening with the Bob Judd Quartet at Costella’s Chalet in June 1976 when we came back from Hawaii. Mirian even danced with her father Bob Judd during one of his songs. She was in heaven. The food was great but there simply was to much of it. The dancing music was enchanting and wonderful.
        I also have six albums that no name album is probably Dance Time with a red cover with a clarinet and trumpets on it. I also had the recordings transferred to CDs too. I kept the six archive masters of the albums. I would also like to have a copy of the 7th album titled Sweet & Easy.
        I was stunned to check the internet and find this site. Thank you Vicki.

        John W. Williams Jr.


  6. Don Rutter says:

    Hi Vicki & Tom,
    There is a 7th album called “Sweet & Easy,” with vocals by Alen King, leader of the famous Anson Weeks orgistra. Tom, I will get I touch with you through the email you provided.

    Don Rutter

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  7. Charlotte (Williams) Albers says:

    Tom Judd, Michele Judd, Don Rutter, Joe & Perry DiBenedetto,
    Hi, my name is Charlotte (Williams) Albers & Bob Judd is my grandpa. He had 2 children, my mom & her brother with his first wife Elli (Cook) Judd; her full name was Kathryn Elinor Cook. My mom’s name is Mirian Kay (Judd) Williams, but she’s always gone by “Kay”, she is still living. Her brother’s name is Gary Judd, he passed away in 2015. I believe he has 5 children, one lives in CA & the others live in Idaho, (or at least they did). When he and Elli were married I believe they lived in Toledo, OH. Then he married Pia. Grandpa Judd died when I was about 4 or 5 years old, so I very
    unfortunately never had the chance to know him. When my mom was younger she would go and spend the summer’s with her dad and my grandma Pia. My mom lived in Elkhart IN with my grandma Elli, (Bob’s first wife) her stepdad & her half sisters, where she met my dad; who was also from there. His name is John Williams Jr. He was in the military and he, my mom, my brother & I ended up in Nebraska. My brothers name is also John Williams. My dad also had the 6 albums put on Cd’s, if anyone would like a copy my husband can burn them for you. I am SO VERY excited that I found this site, thank you Vicki for putting it up! Many years ago I tried to find information on Costella’s Chalet and I could not find any. Don & Joe, I hope you are still alive to see this; I would love to hear from any of you. Feel free to call me anytime, my phone # is (402) 235-3544; but PLEASE leave me a message as I screen our calls (we get ton’s of telemarketing calls everyday). I will call you back if I don’t answer.I would love to hear more about my grandpa’s life and career from anyone! Please feel free to email me, as well. Thank you.


  8. Charlotte (Williams) Albers says:

    THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to call and talk to me. I REALLY enjoyed talking with you! I loved hearing about my grandpa’s life with you and the band, it was awesome. Please feel free to call me anytime! Again, thank you,
    Charlotte (Williams) Albers


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