Felton History: Sycamore Grove Resort Camp

Could this be Felton Grove or was there a Sycamore Grove Resort Camp somewhere off Hwy 9 near Felton? I’m including the front and back of this postcard with the hope that someone (Ronnie?) can also help me date the photo.


Sycamore Grove Resort Camp postcard, front. Courtesy of Dan Selling.

Sycamore Grove Resort Camp postcard, front. Courtesy of Dan Selling.


Back of Sycamore Grove Resort Camp postcard.

Back of Sycamore Grove Resort Camp postcard.

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18 Responses to Felton History: Sycamore Grove Resort Camp

  1. Ronnie Trubek says:

    There definitely was Sycamore Grove (Auto Camp) on Highway 9 was built by the Fridleys (of Fridley Dr in upper Westside). It was about 1/2 mile North of Golf Club Drive on the river. The book “Pogonip, Jewel of Santa Cruz” by Joan Martin & Coleen McInerney-Meagher has a lovely chapter on it,
    with many photos and a map or two.

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    • vickiwees says:

      Ronnie, thanks! You say it’s about 1/2 mile North of Golf Club Drive on the river. Can you help me understand where Golf Club Dr was? Is it near Felton? I’m lost.


    • Steve says:

      Sycamore Grove Camp was just Past the Tannery,The Friedley’s owed it. It was a Beautiful fun Place I was there 71 years ago and our Family went there very summer for the next 15 years


      • Jeanette Regan says:

        So did our family Steve. We have wonderful memories of being there in the 50’s and 60’s. The San Lorenzo river, the juke box and dance floor, rubber tire swings, horse shoes, campsites with gas stoves, running water and electricity for lighting, a laundry. I still remember the fragrance of the sycamores. It was a magic place for kids. We didn’t really need supervision; we would go to the camp store for all the candy we wanted and would actually check for our mail there. We usually went for three weeks in August. My dad would go deep sea fishing and the boys would clean the fish and mom would cook it up in an iron skillet. I understand flooding in the 60’s ruined the camp and the Friday’s decided not to reopen it. Such good memories.


      • vickiwees says:

        Jeanette, what absolutely wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing.


  2. vickiwees says:

    Steve, thanks so much for sharing your comment! You must have some wonderful memories of the place. Feel free to share any little tidbits or photos about your vacations there. Thanks!


  3. Linda Abbott Candreva says:

    That picture looks like my sister and I. If so it would be around 1959. We went there for several years until about 1964. Is any part of the resort still standing?


  4. Water Boy says:

    Sycamore Grove Campground – had a huge sign (based on a sycamore leaf) hanging from a tree on the edge of Hwy 9 – just outside of Santa Cruz, past the first 20 MPH S curve past the tannery – there is currently (AUG 2016) a wide turnout, etc. In my youth (1950’s) there was a private campground, concrete dance floor, and camp store. It was a BIG TREAT to have the folks take us from our cabin in the redwoods back down Hwy 9 to “The Grove”, get a treat at the campground store, etc. Almost like forbidden fruit. BPWATERBOY


  5. Ken says:

    I camped there with my mother, about 1955- to whenever the last Friedley on the lease passed away. I have wonderful memories of Sycamore Grove. I don’t remember that building in the photo, but I believe there was a fire at one time that destroyed some of the buildings. I still remember the jukebox playing “The Happy Organ” while the kids dances and the rest of us sat around the large fire. playing on the San Lorenzo River. Days of simple pleasures, where have you gone?


  6. Bill Kiene says:

    We lived in Sacramento and many summers we stayed at Sycamore Grove Campground. It would have been around the late 1950s and early 1960s.


  7. Marilyn says:

    My family went there when I was a kid. The owners had two pet raccoons in a cage. Their names were Mike and Ike. So many fond memories. Great rope swing and craw dad fishing in the creek.


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