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Felton History: Old Felton Post Office ca. 1930’s

I believe this photo of the old Felton Post Office was taken circa 1930’s and was next door to the original Roy’s market, which was across the street from the later Roy’s before New Leaf took over.

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Felton History: Who Was Mrs. Rideout? (Photos series)

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Felton School: 1904 Receipt for Bell

This 1904 receipt was sent to me by Carol Harrington, who is related to H.A. De Wald, purchaser of the bell for Felton School and long time Felton resident:

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Hwy 9: “Big Trees Hwy” a Brief History

I thought this comment from local historian Derek Whaley was interesting enough to post. Also check out his AWESOME website: http://www.santacruztrains.com/p/santa-cruz-rr.html Derek Whaley Highway 9 has never officially been called Big Trees Highway. In fact, it hasn’t even been called … Continue reading

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Felton History: Rideout Ranch Series – Early 1900’s

A few months ago one of my readers, Carol Harrington, who has deep roots in Felton, started sending me some wonderful photos of Old Felton. In Sept. she sent some that had “Rideout Ranch” written on them. I’d never heard … Continue reading

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Felton: Policeman Doc Capelli

I LOVE this photo of “Doc” Capelli taken either in Felton or Santa Cruz, date?

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Felton History: 1900 Camera Club + Eccles

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