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Felton History: 1920’s? Borland Truck

Felton Historian, Randall Brown, told me this company, Borland, was big in the area. Can anyone tell me more or help me date the photo using the truck & clothing as hints? The back of the photo says, “near Felton”. … Continue reading

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Felton History: Rideout Ranch Series – Early 1900’s

A few months ago one of my readers, Carol Harrington, who has deep roots in Felton, started sending me some wonderful photos of Old Felton. In Sept. she sent some that had “Rideout Ranch” written on them. I’d never heard … Continue reading

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Ronnie Trubek Solves Decades Old Mystery!

Local Historian and Realtor Ronnie Trubek has solved a mystery that has plagued Valley residents for close to a century. The photo of Policeman Doc Capelli on his motorcycle, circa 1920’s, (courtesy of Carol Harrington) was thought to be taken … Continue reading

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Felton: Policeman Doc Capelli

I LOVE this photo of “Doc” Capelli taken either in Felton or Santa Cruz, date?

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Felton: Infants Headstone Uncovered

While clearing brush on their Felton property, a family has uncovered the headstone of an infant named Bobbie Lee Rice. They contacted me via my local history blog and have asked for my help to try and locate the family. … Continue reading

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Felton: 1926 Felton Acres Photo + 3 Pg. History

1926 Felton Acres photo courtesy of Derek Whaley. Article courtesy SCPL. Felton Acres History article, Courtesy of SCPL Special Collections:

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Felton History: 1920’s Metcalf’s Cash Store

This store is now a private home on E. Zayante Rd.

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Railroad: 1908 Amazing Photo

This is an amazing, 1908 photo. I’ve never seen one with the train traveling through Felton on the old tracks. Photo taken from up Felton Empire Rd. I am most grateful to Andrea Woolfolk for this wonderful photo. Thanks Andrea!

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Baseball: Felton 1886

The last paragraph of an article from the Surf dated March 9, 1886 reads (I’m not kidding): Felton Fagots A match game of baseball was played Sunday afternoon between the Stars and Red Stockings of Felton. The Stars “skunked” the … Continue reading

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Felton: By – Pass Goes In 1972

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