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Vicki Wees, Realtor, Felton Homes and History Blog

My name is Vicki Wees and I’ve been a Realtor and resident of Felton for almost 50 years. I’m collecting items of historic interest for the Felton area. If you have old photos or stories of Felton you’d like to share, please contact me:

Cell: 831-359-0200

Email: vnwees@yahoo.com

Website: vickiwees.com

My other blogs: feltongrove.org + santacruzblogazine.com

5 Responses to About Me and My Blog

  1. Bobbie Jeanotte Roberson says:

    All 6 of the kids in our family went to the old Felton school from the 30’s until it closed in 1947.. That is the year I graduated from the 8th. grade. There was only 2 of us girl’s in the class and we are still friends..

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  2. vickiwees says:

    Bobbie I wish I had time to write a book about Felton. Your memories would be so valuable. Thanks for sharing them here.


  3. Donna Brint says:

    My Grandparents Sal and Bernice Melancon and their four daughters moved to Felton in 1947 and are buried in the Felton cemetery. I was born 1952 at Sister’s Hospital delivered by Doc Steele and brought home to grandma’s house on Prospect Ave as a new born. My parents were good friends with Bob and Bobbie Roberson. Our roots are deep in Felton soil. Love this blog!!


  4. vickiwees says:

    Hi Donna, I was just checking on my blogs and found your delightful message from 2016. I, too will be buried at Felton Cemetery when I finally kick the bucket. You mentioned your grandparents are buried there (and your 4 aunts?) and the next time I go there, I’ll look for them. Your families roots ARE deep here! It made me remember that, some day, my grandchildren will come and visit me there. My plot is near the back “entrance” just off Blair St. That’s because my eldest granddaughter is in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down, hit by a 17 yr old drunk driver on grad night 6 years ago, so the access is better for her up there. It struck me that it’s so cool your grandparents are buried at Felton Cemetery, and you’ve probably visited them there. Now, I’ll be joining them in the next few years. We feel such a part of Felton that being buried anywhere else just wasn’t an option. And my youngest son and his family live just a few doors down from the rear entrance, so if I meet up with your grandparents one day, I’ll pass on your love to them. 😉 I particularly enjoyed hearing about Doc Steele (I remember him!) and how he delivered you and brought newborn you to your grandparents place on Prospect Ave. Im delighted re-reading your comment. I love hearing readers stories and info about their family’s and their own experiences in and around Felton, so Thanks again, Donna! Your comment is much appreciated! Vicki Wees


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