i am temp out of order due to injury.

hope to be back to posting in a few weeks. thanks. vicki

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2 Responses to i am temp out of order due to injury.

  1. Michael Barnhill says:

    Sorry to hear that , get well soon . Lots to share


    • vickiwees says:

      Hi Michael! If you have stories you’d like to share, I’d be thrilled to post them. If you have photos or other items to share, I can’t promise that anything other than words will be posted. Turns out I have cancer that’s not curable, so it’s difficult for me to do much but post stories that people share, and I’ll do my best to reply. I LOVE the stories, the memories, the things you’ve seen and heard about our wonderful area. Please write anything you think might be of interest to the general public and I’d be very happy to post them. Over the years, many people have donated old Felton area items because they’re just stored in a box. I also collect local items, which my son Eli, will inherit. An old coffee cup from Heavenly with a 408 area code, a t-shirt saying “ I survived the flood of “82”, etc. Thanks again! Vicki Wees


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