Felton: 1950’s “Little Gals” or “3 Gals Drive-in”?

I received the following email from a reader. Can you help?

Hi Vicki,

I used to visit the San Lorenzo Valley in the late 1950s through the 1960s with my parents.  I lovingly remember often stopping at a hamburger stand between Mt. Hermon and Felton.  They served huge burgers on a French roll and had the best shakes.  I think it was called the Little Gals (or 3 Gals) Drive-in.  Do you or your readers remember it?  I’m writing my autobiography to pass down to my children and would love to include a snapshot of that special place if anyone has one.  Thanks so much!


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4 Responses to Felton: 1950’s “Little Gals” or “3 Gals Drive-in”?

  1. vickiwees says:

    Hi Steve, Felton Historian Randall Brown who I work with says it was called the Little Gals and there’s a mention of it in a book we don’t have called “Scotts Valley as it Was and Is” by Dr. Seapy. He says the book is available at the Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz libraries. Maybe they can help you? Vicki


  2. Steve says:

    Yes, that was it! The Little Gals Frostie Freeze on 1210 Mt Hermon Rd in Felton! Apparently, it was in business from 1953 to 1964. They had great burgers and shakes! Thanks for all your help!! –Steve


  3. vickiwees says:

    Great Steve! And thanks for the details. If you ever come across a photo for my blog, I’d love to share it. Vicki


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